Capacitance-voltage differintegral characteristics of fractal field-effect device

  • V. M. Onufrienko National University “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic”, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
Keywords: field-effect nanotransistor, fractal nanolayer, differintegral characteristics, potential, charge density, capacitance, capacitance-voltage characteristic modeling


In the present paper, we use the theoretical model of fractal elements to study the charge and capacitance-voltage differintegral characteristics of a fractal field-effect device. The control of the charge channel and the capacity of a fractal nanotransistor is revealed by changing the scaling of the nanolayer, the charge density in which is determined from the sum of the charges of electrons, holes, and ionized impurities. The significant influence of fractal charge distribution carriers on the device capacitance at high frequencies is noted. This fact theoretically confirms the possibility of increasing the capacitance of metal-oxide-semiconductor structures to increase the efficiency of the field-effect-transistors. The comparison of the obtained expressions shows the strong influence of fractal medium on the electric field size and charge density in a semiconductor that is followed by the change of capacitive device parameters. The differential-
integral method for modeling artificial metamaterial fractal radioelements with necessary electrical characteristics is proposed.