Study of the influence of quick-hardened alloy on the properties of metal polymers

  • K. A. Yeriomina Dniprovsky State Technical University, Kamianske, Ukraine
  • O. B. Lysenko Dniprovsky State Technical University, Kamianske, Ukraine
  • V. K. Nosenko G.V. Kurdymov Institute for Metal Physics of the NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Ya. E. Yarovyi Dniprovsky State Technical University, Kamianske, Ukraine
Keywords: metal-containing polymers, self-fluxing alloys PR-65X25S3R3, tribological properties


The article explores the effect of quick-hardened alloy PR-N65X25S3R3 based on nickel, (chemical composition – Ni64,6Cr25C1,2Si2,7B2,5Mn0,2Fe3,8) on the physical and mechanical properties of metal-containing polymers. Carried out tests and results have shown that the use of quick-hardened alloys, which are characterized by a set of unique properties, is appropriate. The developed metal-containing polymers that contain aromatic polyamide phenylone and 5 - 20 wt.% of self-fluxing amorphous alloys PR-N65X25S3R3 are characterized by 2 times greater abrasive wear resistance and better adhesive strength between the components. Due to the use of quick-hardened alloy it was possible to increase the
effective filler content from 15 wt.% to 20 wt.% that will increase the electromagnetic properties of metal-containing polymers.