The effect of cooling rate on structure and mechanical properties of Co-Cr-Cu-Fe-Ni-Sn high entropy alloys

  • O. I. Kushnerov Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Dnipro, Ukraine
  • V. F. Bashev Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Dnipro, Ukraine
Keywords: high entropy alloy, structure, phase composition, splat-quenching, microhardness


The paper examines the structure and mechanical properties of multicomponent high-entropy CoCrCuFeNiSnx alloys in as-cast and splat-quenched states. The compositions of investigated alloys is analyzed by using the criteria for predicting the phase composition of high-entropy alloys available in the literature, based both on calculations of the entropy and enthalpy of mixing and on an estimate of the difference between the atomic radii of the component. The alloy films is fabricated by the known technique of splat-quenching. A cooling rate estimated by a film thickness is ~ 106 K/s. The simultaneous formation of two solid solutions (FCC + ordered BCC) has been established in the alloy structure. An increase in the concentration of Sn favors the formation of the ordered (В2 type) solid solution in the structure of the alloys. High values of the microhardness and dislocation density have been obtained in the splat-quenched samples. It is also shown that an increase in the Sn content positively affects the microhardness.