A quantum-­mechanical particle in a time-­dependent potential field

  • A. Turinov Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Dnipro, Ukraine
Keywords: quantum-mechanical particle, temporal Schrödinger equation, evolution operator, linear potential, unitary transformation, dispersion of wavepackage


The behavior of a particle moving according to the laws of quantum mechanics in a field, which potential changes over time, is studied. The method of unitary transformations for solving the temporal Schrödinger equation is considered. The reduced Hamiltonian of the system of a quantum­-mechanical particle in time­-dependent potential is obtained, as well as the total operator of the evolution of such a system. We find a new version of the unitary transformation, which, compared to the known ones, simplifies solving the problem in analytical form. This transformation associates the linear potential quantum model with time-­dependent parameters and free-­particle system. Based on the constructed evolution operator, we consider the wave packet dispersion. It is shown that the wave packet dispersion for this model is the same as that for a free particle. This conclusion is the general result of the behavior of a quantum-­mechanical particle moving in the field of a time­-dependent linear potential.