The effect of Ag additives on the structure of Fe-Pt films


  • V. F. Bashev Dnipro State Technical University Kamianske, Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
  • O. I. Kushnerov Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Dnipro, Ukraine
  • N. A. Kutseva Dnipro University of Technology, Dnipro, Ukraine
  • S. I. Ryabtsev Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Dnipro, Ukraine



thin film, ion-plasma sputtering, coercive force, metastable state, amorphous and crystalline phases


Homogeneous thin films of FePt and Fe-(Pt,Ag) were obtained by modernized three-electrode ion-plasma sputtering. The film thickness was 220–450 nm. In this case, the calculated cooling rate reached ~1012–1014 K/s. The structure of films was studied by X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy. It was found that nanocrystalline and amorphous phases were formed in freshly deposited films. It was shown that the resulting metastable structures were stable when heated to 670–890 K, depending on the composition. It was found that Ag additives reduced the coercive force of the films. It was shown that heat treatment increased the coercive force up to 36 kA/m in FePt films and up to 10 kA/m in Fe-(Pt,Ag) films. The conditions for obtaining films with low values of the temperature coefficient of electrical resistance (~1.1∙10-5 K-1) were determined.